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Hi there!

I'm Ashley, the dyer, spinner, and maker behind Ashwelle Fiber Works. 

I began my fiber journey at age twelve when I was taught to knit by my aunt. For many years, I only knit scarves until later in college when I decided to pick up my needles again as a way to stay grounded as I journeyed through art school surrounded by the gorgeous wilderness of Marquette, Michigan. 

Working with fiber gives me a deep sense of connection to nature, which has over time become more and more important to me especially as I moved on to the metro Detroit area where I now reside. Working with a variety of mediums such as natural dyes, low-impact acid dyes, various fiber breeds and plant fibers allows me to slow down in a fast paced world and focus simply on making for the joy of it. 

My goal is to bring happiness to others through the work that I truly love. I hope that you will find something that evokes a memory, or a thought, or simply brings a smile to your face. 

Thank you for coming along on this journey with me!